Walking Miracle
  Broken bottles, screaming and domestic violence was the source of our relationship for three long years before we were married

Because of my past I found it impossible to love or be loved and afraid of loosing him, I would react with rage of anger and violence

We had a restaurant together and we were spiraling more and more into debt with the help of his gambling addiction; we would fight across the kitchen and I would throw curses at him telling him my hopes that he would die a horrible death.

By this stage it wasn’t enough to take my pain and anger out on him; when we would fight I would hurt my self too, I would find the closest thing to bash against my head, crying and screaming I would cut my self with razors because I believed that I was so worthless and stupid and I wanted to die.

Our employee became my friend and brought me to the UCKG, where I came to understand why I was like that. I made chains of prayer and after some time Robert began to see a different woman and then we stated to attend together

At the UCKG, I learned of a way that I could become a new self; we gained understanding of what made a good and strong marriage and were married last may.

Today we live peaceful and normal lives together; I am able to be that caring gentle wife I had always thought I could never be. There have been moments when we look back in tears because we have both witnessed an undeniable transformation and we were the centers of a miracle.

The Christian Counter
The Christian Counter