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This is a story about a twelve year old boy named Jimmy and he is a young Christian. Jimmy loves going to church with his mom and dad. He really likes spending time with his dad, who is in the Coast Guard. Jimmy is very proud of his dad because he goes out in a helicopter and rescues people in trouble on sinking boats. There is no greater hero than his dad and none braver. Jimmy’s dad is not afraid of Hurricanes or anything. Jimmy doesn’t get to spend alot of time with his dad because he works the night shift and Jimmy goes too school. So they make the most of the time he does get to spend with him. They talk about the Bible alot and his dad tells him stories so he can understand a lot of things like Jesus did to the people he was teaching. Jimmy would talk with the kids in school and tell them the stories that his dad had told him. Jimmy didn’t really know it, but he was saving about as many people on land as his dad was at sea. Jimmy would build a fire in the curiosity of other children about Jesus and they would take it home to their parents and those children would get their parents to take them to church, and first one thing and then another and people were being saved. Jimmy didn’t know all this was going on, he just liked sharing the joy of talking about Jesus and sharing the stories his dad told him. Jimmy didn’t know he had helped save a single person, but in truth he was the spark that lit the candle for over a hundred people, young and old to see their way to Jesus and be saved.

Jimmy was in the park one day after school with some of his friends telling them some of the stories his dad had told him a few days earlier. He said Jesus is always with you were ever you go, he is there with you. One of the little boys said- even in the bathroom? Jimmy said Yeah, stuff like that don’t bother him, he is like a doctor, he see’s people naked all the time. Jimmy said - my dad said you can’t get into any kind of trouble that’s too big for Jesus to get you out of. All you have to do is ask, and you shall receive. One of the boys said If I ask for a million dollars? Jesus will give me a million dollars? Jimmy said Jesus doesn’t always give you exactly what you ask for, but he does give you exactly what you need. Most of the time you don’t know what you really need and you ask for one thing, when what you really need is something you didn’t know you needed. My dad says it’s best to ask Jesus to give you what you need and trust him to pick it out rather than ask for stuff that is usually the wrong stuff anyway, just let Jesus pick it out for you and he will give you better stuff than you ask for anyway. My dad said let Jesus show you the way and you will get there every time, but when you jump in front and try to be the leader and show Jesus you don’t need him to show you the way. The first thing you do is get lost. Another little boy said like the story of the little boy in the woods? Jimmy said yeah like him.

Susan, one the girls in the group said I didn’t hear that story, tell it to us now. Jimmy said, OK there was this little boy who went camping with his family and got lost in the woods because he didn’t stay on the marked trails like his father told him too. And he walked and walked and it got darker and darker until he couldn’t see anything. He could hear animals making noises all around him the woods and he was afraid and crying because he was alone and lost. He remembered a little of what his Sunday School Teacher had said once about Jesus. Fear not for I am with you always. And the little boy knelt down and prayed- I need help, I ‘m lost out here , I ‘m hungry , I can’t see anything, I can hear animals moving around, help me please, I can’t find my way back , Amen. Then he heard a voice say. It’s about time you ask for help ‘I’ve followed you around in circles all afternoon. The boy turned around and there stood a man with old clothes on, and a back pack. The boy said If you have been following me so long, why didn’t you help me earlier? You just let me get real lost. The man said Well you didn’t ask for help earlier and lost is lost. You asked for help now, and here I am. You said you couldn’t see, here use my flashlight, turn it on and look at the animals that you have been afraid of. So the boy turned on the light and pointed it toward the noises he heard and it was two rabbits playing around some bushes. The boy said They sounded bigger in the dark I thought it was wolves or a bear. The man said the rabbits are playing around those bushes because they are berries on the ground from the gooseberry bushes, didn’t you say you were hungry? The boy said I sure am and I love gooseberries. My dad and me picked some this morning. The man said I watched you this morning and this is the same bush and the same place he told you to stay on the marked trail and pointed to that sign. The boy turned the light and there was the sign saying CAMP GROUNDS with an arrow pointing down a path. So the boy grabbed a handful of berries and ran down the path to where his father was waiting with open arms, and grounded him for two weeks.

Susan said That little boy was lucky. Jimmy said he sure was because, a man was lost in the same woods and a walked off a cliff about the same time. Susan said was the man with the back pack Jesus? Jimmy said I asked my dad the same thing and he said it could have been Jesus, or an angel, or just a man, lead there by Jesus. But that Jesus was there with him, because he said he would always be there. The sign and the bushes had been there for a long time, maybe even before the little boy was even born because Jesus knew what the boy would need, and where he would need it and when! Susan said What about the man who fell of the cliff? Jimmy said he did not follow Jesus, he was following some one else and they were shinning the light, in his eyes, so he couldn’t see the cliff. But the whole time he was saying “It’s OK come on.” Susan said that was the Devil, he tries to make you think its OK when it’s not. Jimmy said I have to go home now or my mom will get mad.

On his way home, walking down the street he seen Billy Joe the school bully. Billy Joe didn’t like Jimmy or any of the kids in school, he was always picking on somebody and Jimmy most of all. Jimmy crossed the street to the other side to avoid trouble with Billy Joe. But Billy Joe seen Jimmy too, and he cross the street to cause trouble with Jimmy. Jimmy tried to cross the street again to avoid Billy Joe, but Billy Joe ran up and grabbed Jimmy and dragged him onto the sidewalk. Billy Joe threw Jimmy into the hedges of a yard by the side walk and when Jimmy got up, Billy punched him as hard as he could in the stomach. Jimmy fell to his hands and knees and started vomiting. Some of the vomit splashed on Billy Joe’s shoes and this made him real mad then. Billy Joe wore expensive clothes and shoes, a lot better than any of the other kids had to wear, because Billy Joe’s father was rich. Billy Joe grabbed Jimmy by the hair of the head with both hands and shoved his face into the vomit on the sidewalk. Jimmy said a silent Jesus help me. Billy Joe turned loose of Jimmy’s hair at that instant. Mrs. Travis a 92 year old woman was in her yard next door watering her flowers and had seen what was going on and turned the water hose to spraying Billy Joe in the face at that instant. She continued to spray Billy Joe as he ran across the street to get away from the granny with a hose. He fell over some trash cans on the curb and a stray dog grabbed his pants legs ripping his fancy clothes. The dog chased him most of the way home and bit him several times. Since it was a stray dog and couldn’t be found, Billy Joe had to take a series of Rabie Shots.

Mrs. Travis and her water hose helped clean Jimmy up a little before he continued home. Mrs. Travis brought a towel out for Jimmy to dry his face. He thanked her and invited her to his church. She said I can’t walk that far anymore and I ‘m too old to drive. Jimmy said the church had a van and would pick her up. She said that would be great because she hadn’t had a way to church for a long time. She usually watched the churches on TV, but it wasn’t the same and she had mentioned it in prayer that morning. When Jimmy got home the first thing he did was call the deacon and let him know that Mrs. Travis needed a ride to church on Sunday. She became a regular at the church, all she needed was ride all these years. Billy Joe missed a week of school, it was a peaceful week. The following Monday Billy Joe seen Jimmy in the lunch room and came up and took his tray away from him and started eating it. Jimmy just smiled. Billy Joe wanted to know why Jimmy was so happy he was eating his food, did he spit in it or something? Jimmy said no, I think it’s the first time you have eaten food that has been blessed. Billy Joe had always made it known that he didn’t believe in God or none of that stuff. Jimmy told Billy Joe he had asked the blessing of the food just before he grabbed it so he knew the blessing was granted. Jimmy invited Billy Joe to church on Sunday. Billy Joe ran out of the lunch room, he didn’t even smack anyone on top of the head as he walked out. It was the first time he hadn’t done that. He called his mom to come get him from school because he thought he might have gotten food poisoned at lunch. He said he just didn’t feel right , he felt funny inside.

That night there was a big storm and a S.O.S. came over the radio. Jimmy’s dad was off again to save a bunch of people out to sea on a yacht. When the helicopter got close to the yacht, they fired off a flare. The pilot moved in close and Jimmy’s dad was lowered down the cable to evacuate the people off the yacht. There was ten people on the yacht, so after the first one was on board the helicopter, and they had let the pilot known how many was on the yacht, the pilot radioed for another helicopter to come, because ten was the maximum passengers the helicopter could carry on board. The other helicopter was going to have to pick up Jimmy’s dad. The waves were getting larger and the wind and rain stronger. As soon as the ten were on board the helicopter, it had to leave to take them to safety, Jimmy’s dad knew he was the last to leave and if any one had to stay it would be him. It was part of the job and he had to do it several times before. The other helicopter had to turn back before it got half way, due to storm conditions. It was a smaller helicopter and the storm had gotten to rough for it. The larger rescue helicopter had to fly in and land, unloaded the passenger to safety, then refuel before starting back out. It was almost an hour before it could return back to the site. There was no yacht to be found, it had already sank. They used the search lights and stayed as long as the fuel lasted and did not find Jimmy’s dad.

More ships and helicopters joined in the search, they searched day and night for three days and three nights, trying to find Jimmy’s dad before the search was called off. All hope of finding him alive was gone. The owner of the yacht and his family come to Jimmy’s house to pay respect. You see the owner of the yacht was the last one off the ship and his young son was the first to get off the yacht. The owner’s son was almost washed over board as soon as Jimmy’s dad landed and he grabbed the boy and had pulled a muscle in his arm saving him from drowning. The owner and Jimmy’s dad had worked hand in hand to get all the passengers off, and the owner tried to get Jimmy’s dad to go since he was hurt and leave him. But, Jimmy’s dad snapped the cable hook onto the owner and gave the signal to take him up. Everyone knew in a couple of minutes the yacht would sink and the rescuer would be a small spec in a vast rough sea to find again. There was very little hope even if the other helicopter had gotten there of finding him. A wounded man had no chance of making it threw the night with just a life vest against the power of the sea. The owner and his wife told Jimmy and his mother of how brave Jimmy’s father was during all this. The Owner also apologized for his son’s absence, because he was so ashamed.

You see the owner’s son was Billy Joe and when he found out it was Jimmy’s dad that had saved them , he told his father of all the wrong things he had been doing to Jimmy over the years in school. The owner said Billy Joe is out in the car , he couldn’t come in and face Jimmy. Jimmy said that his father told him that some day when his work was done and he had done all that he was put here on earth to do, Jesus would come take him to heaven. You must have been the last one my dad had to save. He wasn’t lost at sea, and the reason no body could find him is Jesus picked my dad up off your yacht and flew him back to heaven. It was my dad’s turn to be rescued, so they sent the best rescuer the world has ever had, for my dad! Jesus! You see Jimmy and his dad both saved that family. Jimmy’s dad saved them at sea that night, and Jimmy turned them to Jesus with his testimony of love and faith in Jesus!
Written by: Johnny lee Hall

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